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  • Paul Moossdorff

Paint Blending Facility Contracts Setpoint to Design and Deliver Custom Three-Way Ball Valves

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Custom Three-Way Ball Valves for Paint Blending Facility, Setpoint Technologies Inc.

A customer needed eight specialized 3-way ball valves and looked to Setpoint to complete the project. Each valve needed 2" and 1.5" sanitary tri-clamp ends, with an inlet plate. The inlet plate on each valve slid onto a mating plate on a paint blending machine. Limited space for mounting the valves was a major concern so every valve needed to be compact and modular by design.

Setpoint minimized the overall height of the valves by mounting double acting actuators directly onto the valve body. When we delivered the valves to the project site, we had a chance to meet with the maintenance staff. They were impressed with the robustness of the valves. They also liked the fact the actuators mounted directly onto the valve bodies. Our design didn't require cumbersome brackets & couplings, which they were accustomed to in the past. Setpoint's direct mount actuator package reduced the overall height and any lateral loading on the valve stem.

One of the maintenance staff asked, "how do you adjust the packing nut?" It was explained to them that the beauty of the new valves is the stem packing is live-loaded, so there is no need to manually adjust any stem packings. They were really impressed with this feature. In the past, they'd continually adjusted stem packings. Many of these features will be valuable to the maintenance department to save time and money.


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