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Setpoint Technologies Actuator Valves
Setpoint Technologies Pump Valve Rupture Disc Inventory

  • ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, needle valves, relief valves, from ¼” to 12”

  • actuators: double acting, spring return, electric

  • steam traps: float and thermostatic, thermodynamic

  • pressure gauges, temperature gauges

  • pump parts

  • solenoid valves: 120 VAC, 24VDC

  • switch boxes: general purpose, explosion-proof

Our products enhance your business with the highest safety standards, and approvals that are applicable by law as specified by the end user.


We source materials from highly qualified vendors to bring you the best in class performance. We continually strive to keep current on new and improved technologies.


Trust us with your toughest process application and we'll provide solutions to save you time and money.  

Product Performance

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Setpoint's well-managed inventory provides quick access to:

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