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  • Paul Moossdorff

Contractor Moves Quickly to Install Magnetic Level Gages into Ontario Water Treatment Facility

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Magnetic Level Gages for Ontario Water Treatment Facility, Setpoint Technologies Inc.

A contractor was concerned with the lack of service they were receiving from another supplier. Most of their technical questions went unanswered, response time was too long and quotes were confusing and lacked detail. They didn't feel comfortable dealing with them. What was also making them nervous was the fact the project was nearing completion and they still needed to source the magnetic level gages.

The contractor contacted Setpoint and gave us all the specifications. Not only did Setpoint meet the specifications, but we exceeded them. Delivery was improved, cost to the contractor was improved, and all the supporting technical paperwork was submitted. The consultant approved the contractor's submittal-for-change, and Setpoint delivered the gages on time. The four magnetic level gages all had local scales, (122" center to center vessel connections), with 4-20 mA analog output transmitters. CRN#'s were included at no additional cost.


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