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  • Paul Moossdorff

Sulphuric Acid and HCL Corrosion Resistant Valves - Teflon Lined Ball Valves

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

A customer was getting nervous due to continual leaks of dangerous chemicals, mainly Sulphuric Acid and Hydrochloric Acid, from their isolation valves.

They contacted Setpoint for the solution. We met with their process department, maintenance staff and engineering department to discuss all their concerns. Once the process conditions were gathered, it was decided that Setpoint would provide Swissfluid PFA lined ball valves, here's why:

They needed corrosion resistant valves with a long track record of performance. CRN#'s were a must, with MTR's, and the valves needed to exceed their expectations. These valves would be installed on the toughest services within their chemical plant. The valves would be isolating large acid holding tanks. Swissfluid was the valve of choice because the 4", 3", and 2" valves have all Stainless Steel bodies for external protection and the internals are all PFA lined. Most importantly the ball and stem are a one-piece design which is a large improvement to two-piece designs. The plant staff feel much safer knowing their process equipment and employees are protected from the release of dangerous chemicals.


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