Paint Blending Facility Contracts Setpoint to Design and Deliver Custom Three-Way Ball Valves

A customer needed eight specialized 3-way ball valves and looked to Setpoint to complete the project. Each valve needed 2" and 1.5" sanitary tri-clamp ends, with an inlet plate. The inlet plate on each valve slid onto a mating plate on a paint blending machine. Limited space for mounting the valves was a major concern so every valve needed to be compact and modular by design. Setpoint minimized the overall height of the valves by mounting double acting actuators directly o

Setpoint Ships Ten Automated Valves Within One Hour for Emergency Shut-Down

Setpoint received a call from a customer. They needed automated ball valves quickly. We mounted actuators, switch boxes and 24VDC solenoids onto ball valves. Mounted & tested within one (1) hour and shipped to the customer on the same day. They were very pleased with the service. #ballvalves #automated #valves #actuators #solenoid