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  • Paul Moossdorff

Leading Pharmaceutical Company Saves Big Money Protecting Teflon Lined Tanks

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Oseco 4" VAPRO rupture discs, 4" OSS burst sensors,  4" holders supplied by Setpoint Technologies Inc.

Engineers at a leading pharmaceutical company needed to protect their vessels from damage due to Vacuum and Pressure. They were looking for one device to protect their valuable assets.

Normally this would be a simple task, but what made this situation unique is every vessel was electro-polished Stainless Steel and sanitary by design. Each vessel was lined with Teflon. Any process conditions that resulted in pulling a low vacuum could potentially pull the Teflon liner away from the vessel wall and collapse the vessel and render it useless. At the opposite end, the vessel could reach positive pressures, exceed the maximum allowable pressure of the vessel and the tank could rupture.

The solution was to get Setpoint involved with Oseco's 4" VAPRO rupture discs and 4" OSS burst sensors, and 4" holders. The available vacuum burst settings start at 1" WC up to 30" WC. The positive burst pressure can range from 4 PSI up to 150 PSI - all done with the same disc.

Now, not only is the Teflon liner protected from collapsing, they also have the assurance the Maximum Allowable Working Pressure of the vessel will never be exceeded. The customer also wanted an Oseco 4" OSS burst sensor on each disc to alarm them of a blown disc.

The expensive tanks are protected from damage and valuable employees are kept safe.

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