Rupture Discs - Radon Service, Underground Lab

A Customer was under time restraints for a project. The rupture discs assemblies they required needed to be completely welded with VCR fittings for Radon service. Helium leak rate was not to exceed X 10^(-8). The units were installed in the underground research facility. The Customer was especially pleased with the technical documentation provided in order to make sure the rupture discs matched their technical specifications. #rupturediscs #radon #Oseco

Leading Pharmaceutical Company Saves Big Money Protecting Teflon Lined Tanks

Engineers at a leading pharmaceutical company needed to protect their vessels from damage due to Vacuum and Pressure. They were looking for one device to protect their valuable assets. Normally this would be a simple task, but what made this situation unique is every vessel was electro-polished Stainless Steel and sanitary by design. Each vessel was lined with Teflon. Any process conditions that resulted in pulling a low vacuum could potentially pull the Teflon liner away