Automated Butterfly Valve Needed Quickly - Setpoint Delivered.

A customer needed a reliable, 4" Automated, Teflon Lined, Butterfly Valve with Duplex Stainless Disc. The Valve was to Include a fail-safe, pneumatic actuator, pilot-operated solenoid valve, and switch box with beacon indicator. They required a CRN# to meet Canadian Piping Code. Setpoint had all the items in stock. In less than one hour, the valve was built, mounted & tested and shipped on the same day. Customer was pleased with the service. #butterflyvalve #automated #t

Setpoint Ships Ten Automated Valves Within One Hour for Emergency Shut-Down

Setpoint received a call from a customer. They needed automated ball valves quickly. We mounted actuators, switch boxes and 24VDC solenoids onto ball valves. Mounted & tested within one (1) hour and shipped to the customer on the same day. They were very pleased with the service. #ballvalves #automated #valves #actuators #solenoid